Have you ever seen something and thought to yourself,
"I want to be able to do that!" ?

When passion and talent collide, great things are born. In a nutshell, that is what Caro Designs is all about. 

A keen eye and a talent for stylish, artistic, unique things led Caroline from small town Greenville, SC all the way to Denver, CO, where she earned a degree in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Colorado; but it was passion that led her to her calling. It was the beautiful and unforgettable pair of earrings that she could not stop thinking about that drew her in. It was learning they were handcrafted by an individual artist that changed everything. “I want to do that,” she said to herself. She wanted to create something that made people feel the same exact way she felt at that moment. After watching every online tutorial she could find, Caroline knew she had found her passion. Drawing on her innate talent and being fueled by her passion to create, Caroline launched Caro Designs jewelry in 2007.  

 In April of 2018, Caro Designs entered a new chapter when Caroline took on a business partner, Sarah, not only her #1 fan and biggest client, but also her best friend.

caro and sarah

Caroline and Sarah’s friendship-love affair began nearly 9 years ago when they first met in Asheville, NC. To say each had a girl crush on the other is an understatement.  Soon after becoming friends, Sarah learned that Caroline made jewelry and fell in love with all of her work.  Sarah is what some may call a super fan. Over the course of their 9-year long friendship, Sarah became Caroline’s biggest customer and today owns nearly 40 pieces of Caro Designs jewelry.  But this passion of Caroline’s was still part time pursuit.  For a couple years, they had been brainstorming how Caroline could take her business to the next level.  If she could just get that one break she needed, she could make Caro Designs a household name.  After a savvy tenure as a mechanical engineer that included everything from quality control to running several manufacturing departments to PR/marketing, Sarah left her professional career to become a private investor.  She could have chosen anything, but due to her belief in Caroline’s passion, dream and talent, Sarah knew her first and most fulfilling investment would be her in dearest friend Caroline; and a partnership of a shared mutual dream began.

Caro Designs is now an equal endeavor by both ladies.  What began as a part-time passionate pursuit is now a full-time business with Caroline still leading the charge of all creative designs and jewelry production. Sarah is putting her college education and business experience to use handling the less fun side of Caro Designs, but is having a blast nonetheless being a part of something so amazing.  That’s what Caroline has created in her 10 years of pursuing her passion…an amazing line of gorgeous jewelry that appeals to all ages and lifestyles.   

It's a relief and encourager when things fall into place as if they are meant to be, and that’s exactly how this new partnership has gone since making it official.  Upon deciding to partner up, an unbelievable studio space opened up in Caroline’s hometown and current location of Greenville, SC. The space is located along the Swamp Rabbit Trail in the charming downtown section of Greenville along the Reedy River.  Not only does it serve as a beautiful location for Caroline to feel inspired while she designs and produces her jewelry line, it also offered the ladies a chance to immediately have a retail space.  Located at 300 River St. in suite 109, the studio is open Tuesday – Saturday 11am-5pm so feel free to stop in and say hello to the visionary herself who is there every day, and without whom, there would be no Caro Designs.